Working It Out

Posted on: July 28, 2014

As Ricky lends a hand to assist Mark as he struggles to lift himself up from the weight bench, Ricky's big hand almost reaches over the sides of Mark's tiny waist. As Ricky looks down at Mark, his thought bubble says "lunch" and he decides it time for Mark to eat. He takes Mark by the head and grinds it all over his package. Shucking his shorts, hauling his bone, he grabs Mark by the hair and uses his mouth, ordering him to open wider & go deeper until he finally cradles his head and thrusts that big cock into his face, pulling out only to slap the big meat across his cheeks, force feeding more dick then he ever thought he could swallow. After dragging him over to the chair, Mark's mouth strains to engulf the still hungry pole. Ricky yanks down Mark's pants, spreads his butt cheeks goes deep sea diving with his tongue in Mark's tight, pink hole, eating away like a man possessed. While he slurps on that hole, Ricky's cock throbs hand free in anticipation...and that cock will not be visible for long.

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Michael - V2

Posted on: July 28, 2014

This adorable hunk just landed a gig at a sex club. We knew he had a kinky side! It only took a few bucks for him to open his mind and his mouth for His First Huge Cock! See full-length episode at

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LaVere Thought of You

Posted on: July 28, 2014

"See what I got here? It's really big', grins Jacques as he messes with the large hard on in his baggy shorts 'Wanna feel it?" You don't have to ask Travis twice as he reaches over and grabs Jacques' junk. Jacques tells Travis he can jerk it if he feels the urge. That leads to a taste test and Travis' mouth stuffed full of French beef. Jacques dick gets even harder once Travis starts sucking on it. He glides his mouth up and down on it as Jacques just watches him worship that straight cock of his. Travis shoves his face into Jacques' bush as his tongue laps at those hairy balls. Jacques gets comfortable as his clothes come off while Travis works that dick. Travis can't get enough as he eventually gets on the floor; leans his head back on the chaise so that Jacques can slide his meat down his throat for more. Jacques is totally onboard as he slowly pumps his thick dick into Travis' mouth. Travis' own cock needs room as he pulls his shorts down to stroke it. Jacques then gets up and sits back down on Travis' face so he can eat that ass while he's at it. He reaches down; helps Travis out of his shorts and briefly gives him a hand (...job).

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Phil - V2

Posted on: July 28, 2014

Phil was having some problems with his boyfriend, so we invited him over for a little therapy session - big cock therapy that is. Nothing makes you forget your troubles like a huge dick in your ass! See full-length episode at

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The Lay-Over

Posted on: July 28, 2014

Trey Turner is back this week and he's brought along Alexander Garrett. There is a lot of dick to go round with these two in the house. No complaints here! It being the holidays and the aftermath thereof we wondered what the last purchase they made for themselves was. "Shoes" replies Trey and Hugo is quick to agree. Hugo, who apparently has a bit of an Imelda Marcos complex, loves shoes so much he tries to get a new pair every weekend. We then asked them what their favorite dessert is since we figure it can't be all gym all the time. Key Lim Pie is Trey's weakness while Hugo loves Creme Brulee. Already having dispelled the myth that porn stars don't need to jack off we wondered who these two jerk off to. Trey likes to masturbate to his boyfriend (YAWN!) while Hugo admits he likes to fantasize about a bunch of hot men having sex with each other. An orgy is never a bad thing to get off to. We then asked them what they feel is something guys should work on when getting together with someone hung and they both agree that taking the time to give better blow jobs would be awesome. So relax those jaws boys, teeth are not appreciated. ...Who knew!?

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Posted on: July 27, 2014

Joel is an eager cute man, who claims his best asset is a tight Philippine ass. Joel's curiosity gets the better of him, as Tyler and Sean show him just what a HUGE COCK can do! See full-length episode at

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The Big Show Off

Posted on: July 27, 2014

Ty is on the internet showing off on cam for a buddy as he strips off his shirt and starts to flex his muscles. He then gets up and removes his pants to exhibit his ass. He bends forward, slapping his ass as he asks if we like what we see. He gets up and starts to tug on his dick through his jock strap before sitting back and getting comfortable. He loses the jock and kicks back to stroke that cock. He gets hard as he strokes his dick as he shows off for his online partner. He strokes that cock 'til it's at full mast and tugs on his new hardware. He strokes his thick dick paying close attention to his knob as he holds the end straight up by his Prince Albert then strokes the shaft with his free hand. He then gets on his feet to show off more of that dick. His ass is next on the display parade as he bends over on the chaise and pulls on his hard cock. He arches his back and shows off that big butt. All this arousal has his cock and balls begging for release as he flips over onto his back. He spreads his legs wide as he starts to jerk off again. It doesn't take long before he feels that familiar tingle in his nuts. Ty picks up the pace as he feels his orgasm building. He gasps as his cock unloads his thick cargo as it oozes out from around his new piercing making its way down the shaft before pooling in his thick bush.

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The Blue Job

Posted on: July 27, 2014

Today we have two new faces on ExtraBigDicks, Jake Masters and Dareian Blue. Jake is originally from Texas but now calls Fort Lauderdale home, having moved out here at the tender age of 18. Dareian is originally from Seattle and moved to Wisconsin and is now debating making the move to South Florida as well. We wondered if these studs penned their own auto-biographies what would it be called and who would portray them in the movie version? "The Man That Could Never Have Enough." would be Jake's title and he'd want to be cast as himself. If you want things done right... Dareian would call his book "Wild Life...Along for the Ride" and starring any one who could relate. On the movie topic, we wondered what kind of films they like to watch. Jake likes adventure, action and psychological thrillers. Dareian likes thrill rides so he loves horror, action movies and mind fucks. He also loves smut films and can't seem to get enough of it. Well they can both agree on that one and neither can pin down what they prefer. There's just so much porn to watch. We agree so let's stop talking and start making more. Porn, that is.

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Kain is Able

Posted on: July 27, 2014

Josh West is with us this afternoon and we're always excited to have this hairy hottie in the house. Josh is hairy, hung and makes 37years of age look amazing. Maybe it is the weather in Los Angeles? Josh has always had a high libido and having a thick 9" cock makes it all the better. He understood he was "larger" than the rest of his friends at about 12 and it made him slightly self conscious when it came to coming out. Josh came out late at the age of 26 but he has no regrets. He's more than made up for lost time. He's single and happy for now. To help us out with Mr. West, we invited a native Floridian (they really do exist) along that goes by the name of Kain Warn. Kain is 28yo and has a smile bright enough to light a room. He is originally from Central Florida and is in for a treat this afternoon. Bravely into battle he will go... Kain is really into older guys and if the daddy's hung that just sweetens the pot. Well, Kain is in for the ride of his life. Josh not only has the big gun but he knows how to use it. This afternoon, we firmly believe Kain will be getting "the" cream of the crop.

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Posted on: July 27, 2014

We found sexy latino Oscar walking his dogs. We got him to come back and answer a few questions for our naughty sex survey. His shyness soon wore off when we offered to let him take our HUGE cocks for a walk around the block! See full-length episode at

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Troy - V2

Posted on: July 27, 2014

Troy is a professional massage therapist who was willing to take our survey, but unwilling to show his "assets". With a little money, and some hot kissing, we got what we wanted, a hot guy to take his FIRST HUGE COCK ! See full-length episode at

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Jacques - V2

Posted on: July 26, 2014

Poor Jacques, he's been in the closet and has only been rear ended twice. He's got no idea what he's in for when he meets the very well endowed Billy and girthy Alex. But he proves just what a brave cowboy he really is when he rides Billy's baloney pony for the first time. See full-length episode at

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