Posted on: April 20, 2014

Brian and Enrique need a little pick me up this morning. Miguel works at a coffee bar, and we offer a little "cream" for his coffee on his way to work. Miguel is in for a HUGE surprise as Brian and Enrique bring new meaning to "GRANDE LATTE" See full-length episode at hisfirsthugecock.com.

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Popping One Off

Posted on: April 20, 2014

Scott is relaxing watching some porn on his laptop and playing with his meat through his gym shorts. It isn't long before his cock starts to make a tent in them wanting to come out and play. Scott removes off his tank top exposing his ripped abs and smooth chest. He stands up and by now his dick is at full mast wanting to come out of his shorts as it juts out like a high dive board. Scott's physique is amazing. The dedication is apparent as he runs his hands along his chiseled abs and chest. His other hand is still playing with his hard uncircumsized dick; that is just waiting at the end of that sexy happy trail. Scott finally pulls down his black undershorts as his huge meat springs free. Scott's thick uncut cock is a solid uncut 8" or more. He smacks it around as he moves his waist around making it bounce and bob in the air. Scott keeps his pubes trimmed short and his balls are smooth and hug the base of his hooded playmate. Even when he's rock hard, Scott's foreskin can come up and cover his hard knob. He slowly strokes that boner showing off his "pingon" and his thick foreskin to boot. He then kneels as he watches more pussy get fucked on his laptop. His meat is wet with precum as he jerks his boner. Scott then gets up and kneels on the couch to give us a view of that awesome ass of his we can look at but can't touch. Mmmm. He bends forward as he pushed that cock backwards to show off all his goods. His smooth ass is muscular with that fuzzy crack just out of reach. Scott then flips around and lays back to watch more hardcore video. He can't get enough of that thick ass on screen taking cock like a champ and it makes his cock throb. He picks up the pace wishing it was his meat pounding that pussy and that does the trick. Scott's balls pull up tighter and tighter and as his abs contract, he sighs with each torrent of cum that flies out of his dick over his shoulders, drenching his chest then the rest pooling on his lickable abs. Well, we were wrong. Scott brings more than just meat to the table. This dish cums with an extra large glass of milk. ...Drink up!

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Antonio - V2

Posted on: April 20, 2014

Welcome back studs! These guys can't wait to show their giants cocks off and shove them down each others throats! They love monster size dicks and sharing them with their friends! Slurp Away Men! See full-length episode at hisfirsthugecock.com.

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Street Cox

Posted on: April 20, 2014

Chris is filling out his model app when Cole comes in and introduces himself and starts to fill out his own. Cole asks Chris which website he's shooting for and once he hears its EBD he gets curious about the package he's packin. "So what constitutes an Extra Big Dick?" Cole grins as Chris leans back and shows off his growing dick. Well Cole wasn't requesting a proper invitation-but that'll do. He fondles Chris' hard cock as he goes in for the kiss. They start to make out as Cole fumbles with Chris' jeans wanting to get at that dick. He opens wide and deep throats as much of that dick as he can as Chris watches. Chris' cock is super hard in no time as Cole chokes on it getting it nice and wet. He savors every inch of that Cuban anaconda getting it as hard as possible before standing to give Chris something to chew on. Chris gets right to it as he swallows every inch of Cole's meat. "It's not as big as yours, but it'll do, right?" Cole smirks as Chris gets that clean-shaven face fucked deep. They take turns sucking on each others thick cocks til Cole's tongue discovers Chris' hot ass. He gets to work eating that hot ass out getting it nice and wet...and ready?

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Francesco takes a dip - V2

Posted on: April 20, 2014

Francesco is on his way to his first swim class. We wanted him in his speedo so we convinced him to take a dip in our ass!! He learns how to stay afloat and use his huge balls for support. Lucky him, he had 2 dick hands, I mean deck hands! See full-length episode at hisfirsthugecock.com.

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Ty One On

Posted on: April 20, 2014

Ricky Larkin is back this week looking hotter than ever. Ricky will be helping us welcome back a blast from the past Ty Tucker who was on our brother site CircleJerkBoys.com a couple of years ago. We asked these studs if they could have any person interview them who it would be. Ty would want to be interviewed by Charlie Sheen. Ricky would want to be interviewed by none other than Stephen Colbert. We then flipped the script and asked if they could interview anyone they wanted to whom it would be. Ricky grins as he answers Mila Kunis just to be in the same room with her. Ty would want to "interview" Super Model Heidi Klum. Both of these boys prefer the ladies off cam but are open minded enough to do male on male work. We wondered what, if anything, they've learned from being in this position. Ty learned that not everything needs to be so restricted and being open with your sexuality is healthy. Ricky at first but he didn't hate it either. One way or the other both of these men agree that the best fellatio they've received to date have been from men.

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Ordering In

Posted on: April 19, 2014

Alexander is cruising on his phone when he invites a cutie over. There's a knock on the door and its Hunter looking hotter in person than he did in his pictures. They start to make out the moment Hunter enters the door and it isn't long before Alexander nudges Hunter south to get a better view of the growing situation. Hunter is on his knees as he undoes Alexander's pants and frees his huge dog. He opens as wide as he can and goes for it. Alexander moans as he slaps his girthy dick on Hunter's face a bit before sliding it deep into his throat. He fucks that cute face as his nuts slap at Hunter's chin. Alexander loses his shirt leaving him in his birthday suit as he watches Hunter worship his throbbing cock. Hunter may be new to many things; but sucking long dick is not one of them. He expertly grabs Alexander's smooth balls and tugs on them as he spit-shines his aching knob, running his tongue over every delicious inch of it. Alexander then pulls him up onto his feet as they get back to making out. It's Alexander's turn as he takes off Hunter's shorts off to find a pretty impressive party club waiting for him. Alexander takes Hunter's thick dick deep into his throat as Hunter just moans his appreciation.

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Daniel - V2

Posted on: April 19, 2014

We spent most of day walking the streets of San Francisco looking for a tight ass to put our huge cocks in. Finally we found Daniel. He took a little convincing but after he found out we had 18 inches for him, he was more than happy to cum with us! See full-length episode at hisfirsthugecock.com.

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Cock Monsters

Posted on: April 19, 2014

Today we get to revisit the epic classic 'Clash of the Titans'; though it won't be the one you're expecting. We recommend a salad to help choke down all the meat this week's epsiode is packing as we bring together a large feast of Cuban cuisine. Mario Costa is back in the house packing over 9" of uncut goodness. Here to enjoy that carne Cubana is another Cuban morsel that never shows up empty handed, Chris Cox. Chris, like Mario, is a Miami local with a 9" Cuban cock to boot. This week's menu selection is definitely Atkins approved. We asked these studs what they watch when they aren't watching porn. Vampire Diaries for Chris while Mario enjoys watching 'Dancing with the Stars". Both of these studs are Cuban and they somewhat agree that most Cuban men are blessed in that department. Hmm. Living in Miami you soon realize Cuban men talk a big game. lol We then wondered if there was anything that they do sexually that they could use some work on. "I would say I'm pretty good at everything" Chris humbly answers trying not to laugh. We then turn to Mario who says, "I would say the same". Really!? Sit back, it seems we are about to have the "perfect" shoot with 2 perfect Cubanitos.

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Battle of the Bulge

Posted on: April 18, 2014

There's a box of condoms on the end table and Ryan thinks to himself why the hell anyone would need a Magnum XL when the Magnum's fit him perfectly. Chris laughs and tells him he has a really big dick. So, they decide to compare as they strip off their clothes and start getting their schlongs hard. Ryan starts stroking his growing cock as his huge set of balls bounce up and down. "Dang, you got me beat!" he awes as Chris' cock just gets larger and larger. Soon they're both at full mast and stroking each other's dicks. Chris can't help but wonder what this hetero boy's meat tastes like as he goes down to find out. He inhales Ryan's dick with ease as Ryan gasps and moans in appreciation. Ryan bobs Chris' head on that hard bone, finally getting the attention it needed. Chris then gets up and lies back on the chaise and points his thick cock at Ryan. Ryan gets on his knees ans opens wide, "Damn, I didn't know they came in this size" he says before going down on Chris' hard dick. Chris just watches as Ryan does his best to accommodate every inch he can in that mouth of his. Ryan's already in position between Chris' legs so he decides he might as well get some ass on his dick. He picks up Chris' leg and slides that dick inside that ass. Chris moans and begs for it as Ryan starts to fuck his tight ass. He pounds that ass missionary for a while before they switch it up. Chris bends Ryan over and fingers that ass a bit before sliding his Cuban cock inside that ass. Ryan moans as his ass slowly concedes and takes that dick deep. Chris fucks him doggy as his balls slap away at that str8 ass. Chris then gets Ryan on his back and gives it to him missionary. This gets that dick even deeper inside that ass. It's hitting Ryan's G-spot and it isn't long before that dick blows its thick wad all over Ryan's smooth navel. Chris isn't far behind as he pulls out and shoots his own batch of leche all over an already glazed Ryan.

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Shawn - V2

Posted on: April 18, 2014

Alex and Jonathan are out and about, giving the 'sex survey' hook another go as a seduction device. It worked to land them Shawn, a French Canadian barber who didn't seem at all troubled when the 'interview' became a raucous three-way romp! By the way... does anybody know of a good way to get cum out of your beard hair? See full-length episode at hisfirsthugecock.com.

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Hot Ass

Posted on: April 18, 2014

Sean and Drake are browsing through a magazine commenting on porn stars when Sean comments on a hot butt. "I've been told I have a hot ass" Drake smirks. Sean's not going to miss out on the opportunity as he asks Drake to prove it. Drake stands up and pulls down his jeans exhibiting that butt framed in a tight jock strap. Sean gets on his knees and dives in face first as his tongue slides inside that ass. Drake moans as he gets that hot hole rimmed making his huge meat strain for release. He pulls down his jeans and lays back to let Sean have some cock. Sean quickly dives for it inhaling that cock all the way to the hilt. He laps on that fat dick as Drake guids his head up and down on it. Sean loves that thick meat but his own docl's feeling neglected. He stands up and whips out his growing cock and jams it down Drake's throat. Drake chokes and gags on it as he latches on to that dick. He easily slides that dick down his experienced gullet. He spits on that meat and strokes his enormous dick as he does. "You like that dick" grunts Sean as he watches Drake choke and gag on his southern "charm".

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