Thrill of the Chase

Posted on: September 03, 2014

We have the studliest guys to show you this episode as we welcome Hayden Richards and big dick packin' hottie Chase Austin. Chase is 20 years old and is from the historic southern town originally named after King Charles of England, Charleston. Just when you thought sweet grass baskets were the only things causing a commotion; we find Chase with over 8 more extra thick reasons to visit. Road trip anyone? Now Hayden is 22 years old and comes to us from the Mile High City of Denver, CO. Its location being a mile above sea level may have earned Denver its nickname; but it isn't anything we can relate to here on Florida's East coast. We asked these guys, given front row seats, who they'd want to see live. Hayden would want to see Janet Jackson; while Chase would love to see Kylie Minogue. Chase was blessed with more than the average boy in the cock department and once he started showering in gym class that became obvious. Hayden, who has some thick equipment of his own, admits that even though he doesn't have much experience with guys he's found he just loved to get his dick off regardless of who he gets to put it in to make that happen. Vote Richards/Austin 2012. Because behind every curious straight boy there should be a gay one holding a much larger...well, you know!

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Posted on: September 02, 2014

Doesn't get much sweeter than a guy shopping for a puppy for his girlfriend. We found him outside the pet shop & immediately wanted to take him home. Loran & Francis can be very persuasive & talked Brandon into his first, not one, but TWO HUGE COCKS!!! See full-length episode at

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Danillo - V2

Posted on: September 02, 2014

Anthony teams up for the first time with new found friend Darrian and encounters 20 years old Latino bottom Danillo on his way to a fashion modeling class. Danillo is single and soon gets His First Huge Cock! See full-length episode at

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Big Mac

Posted on: September 02, 2014

John is chillin' flipping through some adult mags as his jeans seem to fit a bit more snug. He grabs his growing dick through his jeans as he starts to pull on it. He knows it's going to need room to grow so he stands up and takes off some unnecessary layers. By "unnecessary" we mean all of them as his tee, jeans and underwear all make cozy with the floor. His dick is about 8.5" and uncut and ready for some TLC. We can see why some women just say no. Heavy machinery shouldn't be worked on by non-professionals. It takes a big cock connoisseur to truly take what John's got to bring to the table. He slowly strokes his meat as his foreskin glides over his throbbing knob. It isn't long before his dick is glistening as his precum coats the head of his fat dick. His balls are smooth just like the rest of him seeing as John cuts his pubes way down to the skin. He's naturally lean and defined and at 5'10 is packing a pretty big package. Line forms to the left, boys.

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Deep Drilling

Posted on: September 02, 2014

Mason Coxx returns today. In his mid-twenties and packing more than the average New Englander, we're always happy to see him. As happy as we may be, there's a 21 year old, Colorado native by the name of Alex Andrews that will be even happier. Alex is a familiar face from our brother site We asked these guys what was the last compliment they had recently gotten. For Alex, it was walking around downtown Denver without a shirt on and having some guy pass by and just say "Thank you" and keep walking. Nice! Mason had someone recently tell him he had a nice dick. Packing 9", we're sure Mason doesn't here that very often. lol We then asked them if they would change anything about their last sexual rendevous. Alex wouldn't change a thing because when he has sex off cam it's more emotional and more passionate. Mason would add another person. Which led us to our final question: what's the largest number of men they'd had sex with at the same time? Mason can't say for sure; but it was a lot. Alex blushes and admits to having a 6-some while camping for a friend's birthday. Candles weren't the only thing blown that weekend. On that note, let's kick back; watch these two go at it and pop some tents of our own...

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Collin gets a Tune-Up - V2

Posted on: September 02, 2014

Enrique and Billy meet Collin on his way to pick up his car at the repair shop. Colin has a nice hairy chest AND a P.A. on his cock! He's never had a threesome let alone one with 2 HUGE cocks! We'll make sure he gets a good tune-up! See full-length episode at

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Make It Quick I Got a Half Hour

Posted on: September 01, 2014

Joey told Jadyn to come visit him quickly and he barely got in the door before Joey started unbuttoning Jadyn's pants to unleash the force of his desire. In a frenzy, Jadyn's pants were on the floor, the tee was off and that massive dick was hard. Those slim guys will surprise you sometimes and Jadyn's surprise was not just big, it was eight inches plus, thick as a wrist, is covered in a criss cross of veins that kept it rock hard from the first moment we saw it. Joey leaned over and starting at the top, he circled his tongue around the knob, licking down the shaft down to Jadyn's matching large balls before he got himself out his shirt and pants, slid to the floor and starting up into Jadyn's eye, he kept swallowing till he mastered his boner. Taking one look at the aforementioned vista that is Joey's ass now framed in the white straps of his jock, it was Jadyn who was now hungry and proceeds to feast on Joey's hole like a man who hadn't eaten in a week before flipping Joey on his back and having that meat for dessert. Finally coming up for air, Jadyn asked Joey if he was ready to be fucked and he didn't have to be asked twice.

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Ohhhh-Pen Up

Posted on: September 01, 2014

Valentin is giving Casey a shoulder massage when things get a bit more personal. He goes in for a kiss as his hand dives south to feel up his meat. Valentin peels off Casey's shirt; making out with Casey as his hands play his chiseled pecs, abs and growing cock. Valentin helps Casey out of his jeans and once his dick comes into view he goes for it. He throats Casey's cock to the base as he starts sucking his cock. Valentin then stands and lets Casey do the honors. As he pulls down his shorts, Valentin's cock springs out; almost smacking Casey in the face. "Oh shit, that's BIG!" Casey marvels as he goes to work on that large uncircumsized dick. He sucks on Valentin's smooth balls and does his best to shove as much of that dick down his throat. Valentin lets him have his fun before wanting to pay more attention to Casey's hot butt. He bends him over as he fingers and licks that ass making it nice wet and hungry for some dick. Valentin lays Casey on his back and lies beside him holding Casey's leg up as he starts to slowly slide his thick boner inside. Casey groans as he gets his tight hole stretched wide open. Valentin rails that hot ass until Casey's ass loosens up and takes his dick deep. What comes around goes around and soon Casey gets Valentin on all four so he can fuck his Russian ass doggy style. Valentin just bucks back wanting more of that cock up inside him. Casey then moves the party over to the chair where he sits back and has Valentin ride him in a reverse cowgirl position. He takes that cock with ease as Casey gives him a reach around and jerks his fat uncut cock. Valentin bounces on that cock harder and faster as it hits his g-spot just right. That sends him over the edge as he shoots his load while taking Casey's hard meat. Casey then pulls out and shoots his own load all over himself as Valentin plays and caresses his chest and shoulders. We have a feeling his girlfriend's gonna love watching this episode.

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Alejandro - V2

Posted on: September 01, 2014

Alejandro can't speak much English, but he definitely knows the words fuck, suck and cock. He thinks he's going to take a survey but what he's really going to take are two huge cocks right up his ass! Cum see him take the ass pounding he'll never forget! See full-length episode at

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Full Haus

Posted on: September 01, 2014

Seth is chilling on the couch massaging his growing dick as the outline of his long dick starts to become visible. He teases and tugs at it for a bit before getting up to give his cock more space. It takes both hands to squeeze and grab his thick dick. He drops his shorts and continues to play with that fat dick until those briefs can no longer hold it prisoner. He lowers his underwear as his massive cock springs out. His cock is thick and juts out as it slowly fills out to its full length. Seth slowly strokes his meat dry as he plays with his smooth nuts with one hand and methodically strokes with the other. He takes his time as he strokes his thick dick and lubes it up a bit to make it easier to tease and tug. Seth has a naturally smooth chest and has a series of stars tattooed starting on his clavicle and running along his right arm ending near his wrist. It's nice to see Seth no longer shaves his pubes bare and keeps his huge cock looking more 'au natural'.

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Posted on: September 01, 2014

Who says you can't teach and old dog new tricks? Brent has taken a lot of cock in his day but he jaw hit the floor when he saw the size of our cum slingers! We pounded his geriatric ass until his dentures fell out of his head. See full-length episode at

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Vince - V2

Posted on: September 01, 2014

Vince had just left the airport after a long flight. He agreed to come back and answer a few of our questions. After he saw the size of our pot stickers he couldn't keep his mouth off of them! His tight ass was what dreams are made of! Arigato for my first huge cock! See full-length episode at

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