Posted on: August 28, 2014

Joel is an eager cute man, who claims his best asset is a tight Philippine ass. Joel's curiosity gets the better of him, as Tyler and Sean show him just what a HUGE COCK can do! See full-length episode at

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The Big Show Off

Posted on: August 28, 2014

Ty is on the internet showing off on cam for a buddy as he strips off his shirt and starts to flex his muscles. He then gets up and removes his pants to exhibit his ass. He bends forward, slapping his ass as he asks if we like what we see. He gets up and starts to tug on his dick through his jock strap before sitting back and getting comfortable. He loses the jock and kicks back to stroke that cock. He gets hard as he strokes his dick as he shows off for his online partner. He strokes that cock 'til it's at full mast and tugs on his new hardware. He strokes his thick dick paying close attention to his knob as he holds the end straight up by his Prince Albert then strokes the shaft with his free hand. He then gets on his feet to show off more of that dick. His ass is next on the display parade as he bends over on the chaise and pulls on his hard cock. He arches his back and shows off that big butt. All this arousal has his cock and balls begging for release as he flips over onto his back. He spreads his legs wide as he starts to jerk off again. It doesn't take long before he feels that familiar tingle in his nuts. Ty picks up the pace as he feels his orgasm building. He gasps as his cock unloads his thick cargo as it oozes out from around his new piercing making its way down the shaft before pooling in his thick bush.

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The Blue Job

Posted on: August 28, 2014

Today we have two new faces on ExtraBigDicks, Jake Masters and Dareian Blue. Jake is originally from Texas but now calls Fort Lauderdale home, having moved out here at the tender age of 18. Dareian is originally from Seattle and moved to Wisconsin and is now debating making the move to South Florida as well. We wondered if these studs penned their own auto-biographies what would it be called and who would portray them in the movie version? "The Man That Could Never Have Enough." would be Jake's title and he'd want to be cast as himself. If you want things done right... Dareian would call his book "Wild Life...Along for the Ride" and starring any one who could relate. On the movie topic, we wondered what kind of films they like to watch. Jake likes adventure, action and psychological thrillers. Dareian likes thrill rides so he loves horror, action movies and mind fucks. He also loves smut films and can't seem to get enough of it. Well they can both agree on that one and neither can pin down what they prefer. There's just so much porn to watch. We agree so let's stop talking and start making more. Porn, that is.

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Kain is Able

Posted on: August 28, 2014

Josh West is with us this afternoon and we're always excited to have this hairy hottie in the house. Josh is hairy, hung and makes 37years of age look amazing. Maybe it is the weather in Los Angeles? Josh has always had a high libido and having a thick 9" cock makes it all the better. He understood he was "larger" than the rest of his friends at about 12 and it made him slightly self conscious when it came to coming out. Josh came out late at the age of 26 but he has no regrets. He's more than made up for lost time. He's single and happy for now. To help us out with Mr. West, we invited a native Floridian (they really do exist) along that goes by the name of Kain Warn. Kain is 28yo and has a smile bright enough to light a room. He is originally from Central Florida and is in for a treat this afternoon. Bravely into battle he will go... Kain is really into older guys and if the daddy's hung that just sweetens the pot. Well, Kain is in for the ride of his life. Josh not only has the big gun but he knows how to use it. This afternoon, we firmly believe Kain will be getting "the" cream of the crop.

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Posted on: August 28, 2014

We found sexy latino Oscar walking his dogs. We got him to come back and answer a few questions for our naughty sex survey. His shyness soon wore off when we offered to let him take our HUGE cocks for a walk around the block! See full-length episode at

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Troy - V2

Posted on: August 28, 2014

Troy is a professional massage therapist who was willing to take our survey, but unwilling to show his "assets". With a little money, and some hot kissing, we got what we wanted, a hot guy to take his FIRST HUGE COCK ! See full-length episode at

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Jacques - V2

Posted on: August 27, 2014

Poor Jacques, he's been in the closet and has only been rear ended twice. He's got no idea what he's in for when he meets the very well endowed Billy and girthy Alex. But he proves just what a brave cowboy he really is when he rides Billy's baloney pony for the first time. See full-length episode at

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Hoe Alone?

Posted on: August 27, 2014

This afternoon we welcome back big dick carrying, Frenchman Jacques LaVere to exhibit that big uncut pole. Helping him do just that is a new stud to, Sean Duran. Jacques gets up in the morning and makes it to the living room in his briefs that are bulging with his giant hard on. He puts down his coffee and grabs a porn mag and can't help but haul out his monster meat right there. He strokes that fat schlong as his foreskin glides over his throbbing knob. Sean heads out of his bedroom headed to work and catches Jacques with his hands full. "What are you doing here?" proclaims Jacques quickly trying to cover his schlong. Sean sits down and offers some assistance. Music to Jacques ears as he immediately holds up his hard on for Sean's enjoyment. Sean is on his knees in seconds shoving that large meat down this throat with ease. Jacques is in awe as he sees his cock vanish deep into his roommate's throat. Jacques can't get enough of that mouth as he face fucks Sean as fast and as deep as he can. They then get up and rub their cocks together as they compare equipment. "Why don't you fuck me with that?" says Sean who can't stand to wait any longer for it. Jacques isn't complaining as he bends him over the couch and crams that thick dick deep inside that hairless ass. Sean groans, loving every inch of that cock he's taking. Jacques rails into that ass fast and hard as his balls slap against that ass he now owns. Jacques then pulls out and sits back to watch Sean mount that dick. "Grab my balls!" Jacques orders as Sean rides his fat cock with ease. Missionary is next as they land on the ground. Jacques sits on the chair as he holds Sean's ass up in the air so he can fuck it. His fat cock rams against Sean's sweet spot, sending him over the edge as he shoots all over himself. Jacques then returns the favor, straddling Sean's face and shooting his huge wad all over Sean's face. Sean laps up as much cum as he can before wrapping his lips around Jacque's cum-covered knob to get the rest.

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Romeo - V2

Posted on: August 27, 2014

Spending most of the night looking for some fresh meat we decided to call up Romeo. He is a hot piece of ass and much to our surprise he has never had a huge cock! Blasphemy we say! So we treat his tight ass to the beast between our legs! See full-length episode at

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Matt Sizemore

Posted on: August 27, 2014

Matt responded to an ad about a testing program for a new libido enhancer called Cockswell. Its effects are instant and strong -- meaning that Matt is about to get really familiar with Sam's famously plus-sized trouser snake. See full-length episode at

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Posted on: August 26, 2014

Brian and Enrique need a little pick me up this morning. Miguel works at a coffee bar, and we offer a little "cream" for his coffee on his way to work. Miguel is in for a HUGE surprise as Brian and Enrique bring new meaning to "GRANDE LATTE" See full-length episode at

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Popping One Off

Posted on: August 26, 2014

Scott is relaxing watching some porn on his laptop and playing with his meat through his gym shorts. It isn't long before his cock starts to make a tent in them wanting to come out and play. Scott removes off his tank top exposing his ripped abs and smooth chest. He stands up and by now his dick is at full mast wanting to come out of his shorts as it juts out like a high dive board. Scott's physique is amazing. The dedication is apparent as he runs his hands along his chiseled abs and chest. His other hand is still playing with his hard uncircumsized dick; that is just waiting at the end of that sexy happy trail. Scott finally pulls down his black undershorts as his huge meat springs free. Scott's thick uncut cock is a solid uncut 8" or more. He smacks it around as he moves his waist around making it bounce and bob in the air. Scott keeps his pubes trimmed short and his balls are smooth and hug the base of his hooded playmate. Even when he's rock hard, Scott's foreskin can come up and cover his hard knob. He slowly strokes that boner showing off his "pingon" and his thick foreskin to boot. He then kneels as he watches more pussy get fucked on his laptop. His meat is wet with precum as he jerks his boner. Scott then gets up and kneels on the couch to give us a view of that awesome ass of his we can look at but can't touch. Mmmm. He bends forward as he pushed that cock backwards to show off all his goods. His smooth ass is muscular with that fuzzy crack just out of reach. Scott then flips around and lays back to watch more hardcore video. He can't get enough of that thick ass on screen taking cock like a champ and it makes his cock throb. He picks up the pace wishing it was his meat pounding that pussy and that does the trick. Scott's balls pull up tighter and tighter and as his abs contract, he sighs with each torrent of cum that flies out of his dick over his shoulders, drenching his chest then the rest pooling on his lickable abs. Well, we were wrong. Scott brings more than just meat to the table. This dish cums with an extra large glass of milk. ...Drink up!

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